Sip Swierstra

Emergency regulation SZW and Income tax

Anyone who received a benefit in 2020 through the SZW Emergency regulation must pay income tax on this. There are two ways in which this emergency regulation was paid. Payment via employer If your employer could not (fully) keep you working due to the coronavirus, he or she could bring …

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Dave Levenstone is #1300

Uncle Dave took a long time before he decided to take his jab and resulted in number 1300. His comments: “I good to go. Sugar City ah home me want to come. New York calling me now. Uncle ain’t feel nothing. I am encouraging everyone to come and get their …

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Women’s Day celebration this Saturday

International Women’s Day will be celebrated on Saba this Saturday evening, March 6 at Tropics Café with drinks, food, music, and an award ceremony. All women on Saba are welcome to attend the festivities from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm which are hosted by Commissioner of Gender Affairs Rolando Wilson …

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