Background information on the Saba-News.com website.


Saba-News.com is a weblog on which the editors publish articles that are available on the WWW and that have relevance to Saba.

Saba-online is the section presenting links to other, local sources of information on Saba, e.g. on local government, health care, etc.

The Classified Ads section offers the readers to publish their own Classified Ads. This is a service free of charge.

The Tourism section presents information to visitors on where to stay, eat & drink and what’s to do and see on Saba island.

Get to know Saba presents background information on the history of Saba, its nature , its artists, etc.


For each article a proper reference is made to the origin of the information. Readers are welcome to provide their opinions and feedback in the form of “Letters to the Editor” or as direct comments to the posts published.



If you have concerns related to the content of this weblog, please make them known to the Editors  via “Contact Webmaster” .


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