Dave Levenstone is #1300

Uncle Dave took a long time before he decided to take his jab and resulted in number 1300.

His comments: “I good to go. Sugar City ah home me want to come. New York calling me now. Uncle ain’t feel nothing. I am encouraging everyone to come and get their jab. It’s for your own good. Don’t let nobody fool you about chip or water. I want to protect me and everyone around me that I come in contact with.”

Dave Levenstone # 1300. 


The Vaccination Center is now closing with a total number of 1328 vaccinations administered.
Thank you Saba for showing up in large numbers and doing your part in keeping yourself and the community safe!
Round 2 of the Vaccination program will be at the end of this month.


Tourism in the Caribbean Netherlands hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic
Women’s Day celebration this Saturday

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