• From Lion Abdul wahid on Saba Lions club marks four decades of service

    Hello officials and members of Saba Lions Club, Dutch Carribean; it was a pleasure meeting you guys at the plenery session of Centennial Convention, at McCormick Place, Chicago. Hope you had a wonderful stay at chicago and also during the convention. We are mostly now visiting family and some took flight back home.

    If you do meet Dr. Kaneez Fatima then do pay my respects to her.

    If your club so consider we will love to initiate Twinning or simply a correspondance for sharing our experience.

    With best regards to you all.

    Lion Abdul Wahid
    Karachi Sunrise LC
    District 305 – South, Pakistan

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    2017/07/11 at 1:38 pm
  • From saskia van Pelt on Eugenius Johnson Centre awarded by Oranjefonds


    i am Saskia van Pelt and I am projectmember of the 4theBEStproject. In oktober we plan to come to Saba for a teachingweek and we’re looking for a place where 20 people can be tought. The room needs to have airco, WIFI, white board and drinks and lunchfacilities (or in the neighbourhood) I heard from Dr. Gijs Koot that you probably have possibilities. I am talking about the period between 24th of oktober and the 3rd of november.

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    2017/06/26 at 7:58 am
  • From Tricia on Marines in Saba

    They Were Amazing! (& Cute!) was Also Exciting to see the Island Secretary & some Government Staff, along with other locals assisting side by side! Damn Girls…Side By Side….What were we thinking!?!? Next time I am there!!!
    THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED HERE!! The island looks Awesome For True!

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    2017/06/21 at 8:07 am
  • From Elvis Levenston on Workshops on Dutch as foreign language

    I fully agree to have English as the language of instruction in the schools on Saba,but in the mean time the Dutch language should be giving more hours in the schools so that the children could also know Dutch on a higher level. On the French side I heard the President of government speaking English and then he went on with his speech in French maybe we can see how they do it over there.

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    2017/05/26 at 3:30 pm
  • From Tricia on Child Focus Foundation at award ceremony at the Noordeinde Palace

    STACY is a God Send…when it comes to….any project!!! Child Focus has One great Leader in Her. She is Trusted for her Fairness….Has Such Compassion..& Is In Tune with WHAT the island children desire & need! We ALL look up to her for her Contributions to Saba…And All Of Us!!! From the Plays to art projects and assistance with more and more!!!

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    2017/05/25 at 10:04 am
  • From James Tripp on Youngest Lions president ever appointed on Saba

    Just wanted to updated that Michael T. Tripp has been elected the president of the Lions Club in Belleview Florida on 5.23.17 at the age of 19. I think this makes him the youngest elected president within the Lions Club.

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    2017/05/24 at 1:41 pm
    • From Gilbert Agard on Youngest Lions president ever appointed on Saba

      Congratulations to the Lion President, since I believe it is a historic achievement for his club and district, since Lions club celebrates its 100 year as an international humanitarian organisation,this year in Chicago,USA.
      Best wishes from the members of Lions Club District 60 A , Zone Chair 4B. Trinidad.

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      2017/06/02 at 6:09 am
    • From Curious George on Youngest Lions president ever appointed on Saba

      Is it a contest? Because I do believe they were talking about Saba and it was two years ago. But I guess no one is trying to steal anyone’s thunder.

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      2017/05/30 at 3:49 pm
  • From Christalle Klaber on Formal response by the Saba Educational Foundation

    The meetings is still being held tonight in The Bottom. Please attend.

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    2017/05/22 at 2:09 pm
  • From standingupformychild on Formal response by the Saba Educational Foundation

    Well, well, well

    I would say that this response from the SEF Board is not only badly written, but again spins a very differing take on the situation at the Saba Comprehensive School, now laying blame dating back to 10/10/10. Conveniently, after a majority of Caribbean teachers have been let go, by August things will be better. Very convenient and very contrived.

    So, who is to blame Mr. Wilson and SEF Board? Is it Mr. Boeken? Mr. Van Xanten? 10/10/10?

    The biggest question is, when will this board and current Director take accountability for the situation that the school is in.
    If you knew the school was overstaffed, then why did you wait until now to fix it?

    What have you been doing for the past three years to allow this to happen?

    You are saying that education won’t suffer but that’s not what teachers at the school have said when it was openly discussed at a meeting with them that education WILL suffer. Will you now admit to the parental stakeholders that you intend to lump all vocational grade levels together . in one class. Will you admit that there will only be one Mathematics teacher (who lacks any formal qualifications) for the entire student body. My understanding is that you are now hiring teachers completely unfamiliar with the CXC syllabus and who speak English as a second language, yet you seem to think that the community will accept your conveniently REVISED version that the quality of education won’t suffer!

    Nobody believes a word that this board has to say as they keep changing their story, but no surprise, considering who sits at the helm of SEF runs it, while running the school into the ground. Excuses, excuses and blaming everyone else to protect yourselves and your nice little paycheque that you collect each month.

    If the board do not show up at the meeting tonight and keep running away from the community that they have been entrusted to serve, then it is my belief that we the parents, seek immediate action to terminate all board members and dismantle the SEF foundation for good. As it stands, my child and about 5 -6 other students are leaving SCS next year to complete their studies in other schools. This board has let our children down with their oversights and incompetence. Furthermore, this board has let down their staff and betrayed and lied to the community. It’s time to end the deceit and corruption by abolishing the SEF board once and for all!

    Enough is enough!

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    2017/05/22 at 1:21 pm
    • From doitforthekidsdoitforthefutureofsaba on Formal response by the Saba Educational Foundation

      Concerned parent.

      I believe that this is not the way to handle the situation.
      Do you know how difficult it is to find people to VOLUNTEER their time to serve on school boards, let alone on Saba??

      I feel that if all parents are so concerned about the wellbeing of their children they should volunteer their time to either join the board or the participation council which BTW was mentioned in the article above.

      To long people are sitting on the sidelines and not doing anything to better the situation on Saba, it is very easy to cast blame on others when you are not sitting in the chair actually doing the work.

      I believe the SEF and the SCS has the best intentions for the children on Saba but we as parents also have to do our part.

      This should not turn into a blame game.

      Whomever the organizer of the meeting is I know you are trying your best and this is why you and others should volunteer your time to become school board members, this will enable you to better grasp what the responsibilities are and maybe even do a better job.

      I advise you to also accept the invitation from the board and promote others to join the PC as well.

      Do it for the kids, do it for the future of Saba.

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      2017/05/22 at 2:48 pm
      • From Christalle on Formal response by the Saba Educational Foundation

        They are not volunteering their time they are getting paid. In the past it has been mention for parents to go on the school board which we had an agreement with the former Comm. Of Education Christopher Johnson. We had agreed upon 5 board members not 3. This 3 board members which was done in the past shouldn’t have continued. We also agreed on elections for the school board.
        There are many willing to volunteer their time on the schoolboard, the question is do the school board Want anymore members?

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        2017/05/22 at 3:30 pm
  • From Patricia Dowling on Include Saban English at school, says Ted Johnson

    I, a New Yorker,USA married in to a Saba Family,66 years ago CPT. ALDRICK DOWLING AND HIS WIFE,THELMA HASSELL , DOWLING both from St John’s Saba, recognized the old English influence due to my extensive reading of old English literature. For years Saba people thought I was a ‘bit off’ in my perception. So thank you Mr Johns

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    2017/05/18 at 12:35 pm
  • From Saffy on SLP Island Council Members denied a Public Meeting regarding SCS challenges

    I hope the Dutch send people over again to fix this out for our kids and fire this board and get rid of these foundations as they create trouble and confusion and people only sits on them to make money.
    We should seek a good lawyer and fix them so and they have the nerve to be paid yet claming the school so poor. Why they only a party of three and they pick people to be part of the board to carry out anything FW wants. they should let Holland run the school as every few years this happenng and also on the other islands. Time to fight back once and for all. Sabaguru always been correct from the jump!
    (Shortened by editor)

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    2017/05/07 at 3:04 pm
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