• From Stuart Knaggs on French yacht salvaged from the rocks in Ladder Bay - Updated

    Thank you for publishing the article about the unfortunate stranding of the vessel KIRIKOU. I would like to take this opportunity to provide a little more information to make sure that the public is properly informed. The salvage operation was undertaken on behalf of the vessel’s underwriters as instructed by the Martinique based surveying agency EMC. The operations company SOMARA, also based in Martinique, was tasked with salvaging KIRIKOU.

    SOMARA dispatched the tug AMSTELSTROOM, and together with divers from the Saba Conservation Foundation, managed to extract KIRIKOU from the rocks at Ladder Bay and secure her for transport to Martinique for further inspection. The whole operation was coordinated by Deep Blue Marine from St Martin who had also been appointed by EMC and was successfully completed thanks to the level of equipment deployed, the professionalism of the personnel involved and the general helpfulness of the officials and ordinary people of Saba.

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    2017/03/23 at 10:39 pm
  • From guenter on Research/Survey vessel Elsa drifted ashore in Ladder Bay

    Unfortunately, a considerable oil spill extends to Wells Bay. The vessel had 350tons, which seems to be too much for the mooring. Hope that will never happen again. There is another docu photo:

    Run ashore

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    2017/03/23 at 7:52 pm
  • From Dimetri on CXC Registrar Cumberbatch meets parents at the Saba Comprehensive School, March 22

    Progress on the introduction of the CXC? Saba has been doing the CXC administered CSEC exams for years…

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    2017/03/21 at 6:29 pm
  • From René Caderius van Veen on Community Officer Gregory La Croes is presented in Town Hall Meeting March 30

    As already announced in August last year: in case of urgency and in cases of alarm about violation of regulations and laws one needs to contact other police officers.

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    2017/03/17 at 10:12 am
  • From Tricia on Chickenpox outbreak not yet under control on Saba

    If I can assist with child care…I have already had this virus..let me know..416-2589 Tricia

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    2017/03/16 at 3:19 pm
  • From Kees Jansen on Let's make our votes count, urges Zagers

    Which party to vote for?
    In general, the BES islands are not a priority for the political parties. The islands are not self-supporting, therefore continuously need to be subsidized by Dutch tax payers. In return, the Dutch tax payers only get complaints from the islanders.

    It was interesting to read the article about the proposed reduction of PCN pensions on this site. Apparently only the PvdA politicians reacted to the ministry.

    If I would live in the BES, I would support the party that is actually working for me. It seems that the other parties that are lobbying for your support, only produce hot air.

    Kees Jansen

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    2017/03/14 at 9:33 am
    • From Coen Johnson on Let's make our votes count, urges Zagers

      Saba produced the highest net tax per capita for all islands in the Caribbean, despite its small population and lower economic volume. So, I’d say Saba does indeed contribute something to the tax pot !

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      2017/03/14 at 2:33 pm
      • From Johan on Let's make our votes count, urges Zagers

        The highest per net tax capita says nothing about the total which is the point Kees is making. However, there are many regions in NL that are subsidized too. Solidarity between different provinces and major cities is hard lacking in NL too.

        Most people in the European Netherlands cannot vote for a party that entirely lines up with their own wishes either. There are many regions not represented in The Hague as well as they would like. On top of that, the liberals are not liberal, the socialistic parties not social, and the labor party does’t actually create jobs and the christian democrats aren’t very democratic.

        It should be obvious voting PVV or VVD is not in the best interest of the BES islands. Neither is any of the very small parties. The CDA is when it comes down to it not so different from PVV and VVD. GroenLinks are idealists with no sense of reality. 50plus has no interest in the BES islands. SP, as well as groenlinks, are founded on communistic ideas and we all know that doesn’t work.

        That leaves D66 and PvdA. D66 will form a cabinet with the VVD, like the PvdA currently has. PvdA lost more than half their voters because of thaf and it’s unlikely they will do that next term. It’s more than likely they will end up in the opposition, with little power.

        Voting for a specific party seems to be an impossible choice, I suggest voting for a specific person instead, one that genuinely cares for the BES islands, which is Roelof van Laar. Google him. From the PvdA, but he isn’t Plasterk, and PvdA is more likely to vote towards subsidizing the BES islands more (which not all dutch taxpayers complain about, in fact, there are many who think it should be increased).

        Do not let anyone tell you you are getting hand outs or need to beg for money from Dutch, you have a right to it, as much as people in Groningen or Zeeland have. Even more in my opinion, as there is some catching up to do. How much tax you pay is completely irrelevant.

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        2017/03/14 at 3:47 pm
      • From Kees Jansen on Let's make our votes count, urges Zagers

        Sure, Saba’s contribution is not to be neglected. But the amount of money that floats from east to west is significant. The spending of this money by the local government may be questioned: 500,000 USD is being spent on the trail upgrade to Mount Scenery and 250,000 USD for the trail to Mary’s Point. And there maybe more of these urgent projects in the pipeline.

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        2017/03/14 at 2:51 pm
        • From Ryan Espersen on Let's make our votes count, urges Zagers

          Your figures for the trails are incorrect, they are in fact much lower. You seem to be fishing for attention at the expense of your credibility. In any case, please inform yourself before posting in public.

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          2017/03/23 at 1:36 pm
  • From Gilbert Agard on Elections Second Chamber 2017 - Wednesday March 15

    The Electorial process is the most democratic action,which allows every legible person the right and priviledge as constituents on the Dutch Caribbean islands, to exercise that franchise come Election day. The very political future of the islands depend on result of this electorial process, being carried out in a free,fair and free from fair manner.
    Best of all wishes to each candidate and their respective parties.
    May the peoples’ choice be a collective indication,based on reason,understanding and purpose by this consensus of opinion.

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    2017/03/13 at 6:13 pm
  • From Gilbert Agard on Ties with islands important, says Amhaouch of CDA

    From where I stand I believe that the CDA party representative of the Second Chamber, has indicated much knowledge of the political issues affecting the Caribbean Entities and at the same time illustrated its intention to draw on positive solutions.
    In the case of St Eustatius, representation at the present shows much is needed. Poverty, lack of economic development, social upliftment, sustainable job opportunities are at an all time low.

    Lets go for change,in the interest of good governance .Make CDA that agent of change.

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    2017/03/11 at 5:45 am
  • From Gilbert Agard on Senate presses for speed in social minimum issue

    it is time the Hague review its social security programs for the Caribbean Entities. Times are changing. Peoples’ financial needs are growing mainly due to cultural and social interactions through the introduction of modern communication technologies.

    It has been said ” Its worth more to teach a man how to fish rather than give him a fish each day” since the former acts greater more on the individual than the latter. It is proven that in such a situation the result best satisfies longevity in need. On the islands, where the economy is more direct market oriented, to allocate financial resources towards social minimum issues,in the form of “DOLE” will be better served if the Hague direct more long term funding in social,infrastructural programs, aimed at developing human resource capital.

    Adopted Son.

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    2017/03/10 at 12:13 am
  • From René on CDA asks about high food prices on islands

    That is just promotion for the elections. CDA had never proposed positive measures for the islands. Just PvdA and D66 did that in the past years !

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    2017/03/06 at 6:01 pm
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