Dutch Museum exhibits religious artifacts

In 2011, the Dutch Museum Saba organised an exhibition of historical and mainly religious books.

Besides the original books printed between 1640 and 1700, including also beautiful bibles  with copper engravings also other books have been exhibited at that time:

  • a reprint of the first Dutch bible from 1477,
  • 8 reprints of so-called breviaries, hand painted between 1450 and 1550,
  • a Dürer bible with copper-engraving from originally 1489,
  • a reprint of the first bible in Dutch language from 1477, and,
  • a printed version in West-Gothic language (the first translation of the bible that was written in Greek) translated by Wulfila in around the year 350.

Now that mid-winter is nearby, it has been decided to make the same exhibition again starting December 18 and ending at the end of the year.
Please be aware that the museum will be open on ALL days in the afternoon from 1 – 5 pm, so also in weekends and at Christmas.
The majority of the exhibition consists of paintings and copper engravings, so nobody needs to worry about languages.

Foundation Dutch Museum Saba
Windwardside, Saba

Phone: 416 5856

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Christmas in the Wilhelmina Park - Thursday December 15th

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