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Regional cooperation discussed at Saba’s Tourism Conference

Saba’s second Hos­pitality and Tourism Con­ference was an extended event with accredited cus­tomer-service training from June 25-27, followed by conference sessions on July 2 and 3. The customer service trainings, which focused on elements such as attitudes for service and managing customer expectations, were all well received by stakeholders within the …

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12.5 million euros for Saba harbour project

Saba gets 12.5 million euros for the Fort Bay Harbour expansion and renova­tion project. St. Eustatius gets 7 million euros to tackle the coastal erosion. The Dutch Council of Ministers on Friday approved the funds as part of the so-called Re­gional Envelope. In total, 30 million euros will be invested …

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Strict rules emplaced for operating drones on BES islands

Drone owners on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are reminded to adhere to the rules when operating drones on these islands. Violating these rules, a drone pilot risk being fined, confiscation of the drone or jail time. This reminder comes after a recent verdict on Bonaire, where a drone pilot …

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