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Commissioner Wilson visits restoration of historic well

Commissioner of Culture Rolando Wilson, accompanied by Head of Economic Affairs Dave Levenstone, visited the well down at Well’s Bay on Tuesday’s morning. Commissioner Wilson congratulated and thanked the construction group of Public Works for the great work they have carried out in restoring the well. Wilson reminded them that the well …

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Customs Department has jobs for Sabans

The Caribbean Neth­erlands Customs Depart­ment is seeking three new of­ficers from Saba to increase diversity within the organiza­tion. One of the main bones of contention since Saba became a public entity of the Netherlands, is that high-paying jobs in Government departments such with Cus­toms, the Police and Fire De­partment are …

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New playground Child Focus will open in April

The Child Focus Foundation playground was damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria. To ensure that children can enjoy outside play as soon as possible, Child Focus started a renovation project. The new playground equipment was selected with the help of drawings that a group of children made. The playground is …

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